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New Palisades Park Sign Aims to Stop Drivers from Blocking Basketball Courts

PINEVILLE, W.Va. – On Sunday, July 17th, 2022, Pineville Police Department Captain Kevin Smith and Council Member Mike Clay installed a sign made by Lazzer Graphics at the entrance to Palisades Park. 

Last month, Captain Smith brought it to the attention of Council Member Clay that, at times, the children were unable to play on the basketball courts because people had parked their vehicles in this area of the playground. 

At the June Town Council meeting, Council Member Clay brought this concern to the attention of Council, and Council voted to grant Council Member Clay and Captain Smith permission to purchase and erect this sign.

Captain Smith remarked, “With multiple reports of vehicles parking and driving down onto the basketball courts, parents are concerned for the kids trying to play.  With the weather warmer and more children in the park, I think the sign is an easy reminder to keep the vehicles out of the area where the kids can play and the parents don’t have to worry.”