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Op-Ed: Giving To Those In Need Is A Blessing

By Kyle Lovern

In the Bible, the apostle Paul reminded those who would listen of something Jesus once said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

As we approach Christmas that quote could not be more important.

Southern West Virginia has some of the most economically depressed counties in the United States. The decline of the coal industry and other related businesses have hurt this region and many are out of work.

I think we would all agree that the essence of Christmas is giving. Many area churches provide help for those who may need a helping hand during the holiday.

Those of us that can should consider donating to the charity of their choice. There are numerous food banks in the area that gather groceries and distribute to those in need. There are also several organizations that gather toys and items to make sure children have a Merry Christmas.

Toys for Tots, Make A Wish, The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, various police departments and area churches and many others receive donations in an effort to make sure needy children will get something special for Christmas. 

There are many opportunities to help others in need.

Not everyone can afford to give and that is understandable. But even if you just donate a couple of cans of food, a couple of dollars in the red kettle or give to a civic organization trying to assist those less fortunate, it will make you feel good.

Any donation can make an impact. The holiday season is upon us and this means there will be many opportunities for people to brighten another person’s day. Wouldn’t it be nice to put a smile on a child’s face when they wake up on Christmas morning to see that Santa brought a gift the night before. Or the warm feeling you could receive in making sure a family has a nice dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Or maybe you could make sure a child or teen gets a warm coat for winter, some gloves, warm socks, or maybe a pair of boots.

Perhaps you can pick out a family in your own neighborhood in need and directly give to them.

The last two holiday seasons have been even more difficult because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Christmas is about more than presents. It’s about family and friends and giving to others and most importantly, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, who gave the ultimate gift. If you can bring joy to a child on that special day you will also brighten your own holiday.

It is indeed quite a blessing to be able to give. Nothing will uplift your spirits like helping others.

We are sure most of you can remember how you felt opening your presents as a youngster. Why not help a child have that same feeling this Christmas?

This coming month, if you are able to do so, make donating a priority!