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Wyoming County Career and Technical Center to Assess Students with Disabilities

The Wyoming County Career and Technical Center will be giving a series of inventories to determine learning styles and occupational interests to all tenth grade students with disabilities, this will also include any eleventh or twelfth grade resource students who did not participate during their tenth grade year.

These inventories are being given to comply with the Carl D. Perkins Act, the Applied Technology Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Act and Wyoming County’s continuing commitment to provide quality education and programming for students with disabilities.

All tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade students with disabilities who have not participated in the vocational assessment will also be given a vocational aptitude assessment in addition to the learning styles inventories and the occupational interest inventories. The aptitude and occupational interest portions of the assessment will be given by trained vocational assessment personnel. Transportation will be provided on regularly scheduled Career and Technical Center school buses.

This assessment will begin October 1, 2021 and will continue through June 7, 2022. The following types of instruments will be used:

• CAREER SCOPE: Assessment of Vocational Aptitudes and Interest

• C.I.T.E.: Center of Innovative Teaching Experiences-Learning Styles Inventory

If you object to your child participating in this screening, please notify your local principal in writing within the next ten (10) days. If you have any questions, you may call Brenda Shumate, Director of Special Services at 304-732-6262 extension 1201, Leoda Francis, Vocational Resource Teacher, at 304-732-8050 extension 7157 or Linda Davis, Vocational Resource Teacher, at 304-732-8050 extension 7160.