Turning The Pages

By: Paige Cline

You should know by now that I enjoy going through the old editions of the paper that are kept in bound volumes according to the year in which they were published. 

I found some things of interest and I thought you would find them interesting too. 

At the start of the school term for 1940-41 there were 113 separate county schools getting ready for the year. They included the one and two room schools which, due to limited transportation and other constraints, they were located for the convenience of the families that lived up the hollows and away from the paved roads. 

I know that everything eventually gives way to the budgetary ax and to the convenience of politicians, but still there is a certain sadness about the loss of those small schools. Each had a character of its own and, sadly, much individualism is lost when one fades into oblivion. 

When I was old enough, I got a temporary job at the Board of Education at the beginning of the school term. I don’t recall the exact year but it was in the fall and school had just begun. For one reason or another, I had to deliver additional books or other supplies to some of the more remote schools. I can recall in particular the lirrle school at Bob’s Branch. I almost never found it, but when I did I discovered a beautiful pastoral scene right from the pages of a calendar. 

The little white frame building was situated among the trees that were turning with the autumn colors in 

indows of the building were open and allowed the breezes to freshen the air like nothing else can. 

I thought to myself, what a great atmosphere for teaching and learning. Today, most people go in a school and think, what a beautiful building. 

Anyway, the county was full of such places. They served their communities well. And nobody can prove to me that any child has suffered because of their experiences there. 

Want to hear the names of some of the schools that are no longer in existence? 

Here are a few: Adkin, Bartley( later Jim, later Brenton), Bell Blaine, Bob Branch, Caloric, Crany, Fairview (Pinnacle), Fanny(Fanrock), Glen Morrison, Hatfield, Milam (former school superintendent James Pizzino was listed as a teacher there), Itmann( Clair L. Cook was the principal), Keyrock(John Bowman), Ad Skin Fork where Fergie Scott and the beloved Lilas Brooks taught for so many years. 

Wonderful places. Wonderful teachers. Wonderful memories. Children learning the three R’s and just….growin’ up.