Rebecca Noel Cook, 46, of Tyrone, GA  passed away on Saturday January 9, 2021 in Brightmoor Hospice, Griffin, GA. She was born on December 17, 1974 in South Carolina a daughter of James and Sue Ellen Toler Cook.
In addition to her parents survivors include a uncle Brad Toler and wife Marylan of Clear Fork; an aunt Joyce Toler of Peninsula, OH; a great uncle Joe Shannon and wife Linda of Max Meadows, VA; and a host of cousins in West Virginia, Ohio and Georgia and other loving family and friends. Becky loved to travel. She was always trying to plan a trip and see what family members she could coax into going along.   She visited a total of 39 states.  Her first trip occurred when she was 10 days old.
The family traveled from South Carolina on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays with their family.   And then just about a year later when she was 12 months and 1 day old she went to the Panama Canal to visit her Maw and Paw Cook.   
She visited Disney World over 35 times.  She loved the Monorail and wanted to be the driver one day.  She was always the first one to tell you what was new at the park.  One of her life goals was to get her cousin’s Brandi and Misti to visit Disney World with her.  They were able to go with her in.  She always wanted to travel to Dollywood.  Dolly Parton was one of her favorite people.  Sue and Jim lost count of how many times they visited.  She loved to visit during the Festival of Nations and Christmas in the Smokies. She loved to ride the Dollywood train.  But her favorite place to travel to was the mountains of West Virginia to see her family.  She would beg her parents to visit.  She would get to spend time with her cousins, go to Bible school, riding in the golf cart, and going to eat frosting at Aunt Ann’s. Becky was always so thoughtful of others.  She would see things she wanted to buy and take to her family when they visited. She would love to take special items and toys to her special little cousins.  She would also have her mom mail special items throughout the year.  Becky was a member of the Peachtree City Community Corp Rotary Club.  She helped raise money for disabled veterans to have a service dog.  She worked with Meals on Wheels.  
She was always excited to see what the meal of the day was going to be delivered to people on her route.  She volunteered at the Hope House to clean or help in any way that was needed.  Becky also participated in the Special Olympics many times.  She loved to bowl and practiced all year round to be able to bowl in the Special Olympics.  She was part of a Bocce team called the Queen and the Court.  Attending church was important to Becky.  She was so upset over not being able to attend church because of Covid.  She was a member of the Promise Class of the Flat Creek Baptist Church and the Sunshine Bible School at the Methodist Church of Fayetteville, Georgia.  Becky loved the color purple, butterflies, and elephants.
She loved to listen to music.  Country was her favorite, but she also liked the Oldies and Gospel.  She loved the Country Bear Jamboree.  You could find her dancing to the Oldies or singing a Randy Travis song.  Becky loved to eat Aunt Marilyn’s gravy and biscuits.  She looked forward to getting picked on by her Uncle Brad.  Her cousin Barry was her “Big Boy “and she loved to eat his red velvet cake.  She looked forward to vacationing every year with her cousin Liz and her girls and also her Aunt Joyce, Uncle Stan, Patrick and Kara.  She enjoyed when Shawn visited with the kids and loved visiting Davis Farms.  She also enjoyed when Uncle Joe Shannon teased her during his visits and her adopted Uncle Bill Martin visited.  
Becky told her mom in November “Mommy I need to see Jesus”.  Surely Mamaw Myrtle is in heaven doing a happy dance to see her precious Becky. She has so many loved ones in heaven that will be happy to see her.  Mamaw Mickey, Paw Cook, Cawcaw, Aunt Ann, and Uncle Stanley.  Becky had so many people who loved her.  She definitely has a special place in many people’s hearts and she will be dearly missed.