WYOMING COUNTY, W.Va. – Voters across Wyoming County’s 27 precincts cast their ballots as follows:

In the race for President, Republican incumbent President Donald Trump received 7,288 votes ahead of Democrat Joe Biden, receiving 1,145 votes. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen received 61 votes and Mountain Party Howie Hawkins received 15 votes.

In the race for US Senator, Republican Shelley Moore Capito lead with 6,512 votes against Democrat Paula Jean Swearengin’s 1,480 votes. Libertarian David Moran received 143 votes.

In the race for U.S. House of Representatives, 3rd District, Republican Carol Miller won with 6,321 votes against Democrat Hilary Turner’s 1,465.

In the race for Governor of West Virginia, Republican incumbent Jim Justice led with 6,879 votes against Democrat Ben Salango’s 1,230 votes. Libertarian Erika Kolenich received 86 votes, Mountain Party Daniel P. “Danny” Lutz Jr received 51 votes.

In the race for Secretary of State, Republican incumbent Mac Warner won with 5,570 votes against Democrat Natalie Tennant’s 2,438 votes.

In the race for State Auditor, Republican John “JB” McCuskey received 6,044 votes against Democrat Mary Ann Roebuck Claytor’s 1,619 votes.

For State Treasurer, Republican Riley Moore received 4,979 votes against Democrat incumbent John D. Perdue’s 2,910 votes.

In the race of Commissioner of Agriculture, Republican incumber Kent Leonhardt received 5,858 votes versus Democrat Bob Beach’s 1,756 votes.

In the race for Attorney General, Republican incumbent Patrick Morrisey received 5,880 votes against Democrat Sam Brown Petsonk’s 2,131 votes.

In the race for State Senator, 9th District, Republican David Bugs Stover ran unopposed, receiving 8032 votes.

In the race for House of Delegates, 21st District, Republican Mark Dean led with 887 votes, followed by Democrat Phyllis White with 371 votes.

For House of Delegates, 24th District, Republican Jordan Bridges led with 887 votes, followed by Republican Margitta Mazzhocchi with 171 votes, Democrat Tim Tomblin with 78 votes, and Democrat Susan Perry with 30 votes.

For House of Delegates, 25th District, Republican Tony Paynter ran unopposed with 4,866 votes.

For House of Delegates, 31st District, Republican Christopher Toney ran unopposed with 1,205 votes.

For County Commission, incumbent Democrat Jason Mullins ran unopposed with 6,667 votes.

Mike Cochrane also ran unopposed in the race for Prosecuting Attorney, receiving 6,500 votes.

In the race for Sheriff, Democrat Brad Ellison ran unopposed with 6,866 votes.

Michael Cook ran unopposed in the race for County Assessor, receiving 6,739 votes.

Surveyor Sefton Stewart ran unopposed in the race for County Surveyor, receiving 7,276 votes.

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