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Wyoming County Health Department Unveils New COVID-19 Reporting System

PINEVILLE, WV – The Wyoming County Health Department is reporting 18 lab confirmed cases within the area, more accurately broken down into 11 current active cases, 8 recovered, and 1 suspect case.

“We are dealing with a real and serious threat to our citizens. Please wear your face covering, social distance, avoid crowds when possible, and wash you hands often,” Health Department officials said in an announcement earlier this week.

The Wyoming County Health Department has developed a new reporting system to help keep our communities more informed, a chart with a breakdown of the case numbers that is released via Facebook.

Health Department officials also took time to explain the different in confirmed and suspect cases.

“All suspect cases are treated in the same manner as confirmed cases. The Health Department advises and maintains contact throughout quarantine in the same way we do with confirmed cases. They are just classified differently in the state portal. If you have any questions, please call (304) 732-7941.”

Officials urged area residents to please continue to wear masks, practice social distancing and continue good hand washing.

“We are seeing increase spread from events that have large gatherings where social distancing is not practiced or masks utilized. It is important that no matter what you are attending: funeral, wedding, birthday party, church etc., that you always practice social distancing and if you have to be close, wear your mask. If you are gathering with people that do not live in your household, please practice social distancing. You can still get together just do it 6 feet or more apart.”