9th Case of COVID-19 Confirmed In Wyoming County


The Wyoming County Health Department and the Wyoming County Office of Emergency Management have been notified of the 9th confirmed positive case of COVID-19.
The Wyoming County Health Department has received laboratory confirmation of the 9th positive Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 in Wyoming County. The health department will not be releasing any demographical information relating to these cases to protect the privacy of these individuals during this time of illness.
The health department staff is working to do contact tracing to ensure the safety of close contacts and to prevent further transmission.
This positive case is a reminder that everyone must remain vigilant and practice good social distancing measures. When in public it is recommended to wear a mask or cloth cover over the face to prevent the spread of the virus.
As reopening phases continue its expected that cases will continue to rise in the area. The best way to prevent or limit the spread of this virus is to reduce your exposure opportunities. If you do not have to leave the house DON’T. If you do leave home practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands as much as possible to stop the spread of the virus.